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Remote Flight System Aerial Photography Services

Million Dollar Home Images For ERAOur low-level aerial photography services provide a unique perspective when traditional high cost and high altitude aerial images aren't necessary. Our remote controlled flight system is perfect for those shots that need a higher view than our elevated mast can offer but lower than an airplane's view. We use a completely remote controlled system with monitor to aim the camera from the parafoil line directly at the needed target. We can actually see what the camera sees while we are on the ground! Beach front homes and open areas are perfect for this service. Our remote flight system can reach heights of 40 ft up to 500 ft or more. Our clients are welcome to come along and help pick the perfect angle if desired. Not all locations are available for this service so please contact us.

Our Remote Controlled Flight SystemWe will shoot several shots of the needed angle using either of our high-tec systems. We pay close attention to weather and lighting details for the best results. We will then deliver the best image electronically over the internet for downloading or on CD in full resolution JPG format. All photos are then licensed royalty free for life.

And remember, there is no North Carolina state sales tax for images that are delivered electronically over the internet. Images delivered on CD or in print form, will be charged at the normal North Carolina state sales tax rate.


30 Square Foot Sutton Flow Form ParafoilStarting at just $150.00 per angle, you will receive the top image along with basic color correction/enhancement. We also offer photo editing services to make your pictures exactly as you would like. Prices may vary according to the difficulty of the project. Please contact us for a free estimate.


Mileage/Service Fee:
All shots will be assessed a mileage fee of .485/mile (subject to change at any time. Please ask what the current rate is). Standard mileage is charged outside of the Kitty Hawk to Nags Head borders. If for any reason the customer does not want or like the photos, we will re-shoot the location at no charge or simply bill the customer for mileage and a $50.00 service fee


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